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Climbing and trekking information and Precautions.

Tateyama is a 3,000-meter tall mountains. There are large differences in temperature between bottom of the mountain and top, so you have to wear anorak or winter clothes. It is also recommened to bring your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and to apply sunscreen to your skin. We also recommend you to bring a raincoat and an umbrella as a preparation for the sudden rain. And if ever you happen to walk on the wooden roads, please make sure to watch your step and take care when walking. Also, Tateyama area is the Japanese National Park. Please do not wander off the designated paths and roads. We also ask for your cooperation to be responsible with your trash to maintain the cleanliness of the environment.

Clothes info

spring Spring-April to June
It is crisp Spring temperature at 1,000 meters above sea level. However, it changes into snow-covered winter temperature when you reach 1,500 meters. We recommend that you wear clothes that allow you to move freely : a sweater, pants, and trekking shoes. You must also have sunglasses and a hat to protect you from the sun and snow.

summer Summer-July to August
It is the best season to enjoy the nature of Tateyama. You can enjoy seeing alpine plants, trekking and climbing the mountain. We recommend that you bring a wide-brimmed hat


Autumn-September to October
You can watch beautiful colored leaves on the surface of the mountain.We suggest that you wear clothing that breathes: an insulating jacket, heavy pants, and a breathable hat.

Village of Tateyama Mandala

Shall we touch on the history of legends and landscapes in Tateyama?

The Ashikuraji area in Tateyama town contains the Tateyama Museum (that has the Pavilion, the Youboukan and the Mandala Play Land). The area brings to you the history, scenery, and life of Tateyama.  It has been about 1,300 years since the mountain opened. Please, drop by here when you visit Tateyama town!!

Shall we visit Tateyama with volunteer guides?

Tour Volunteer Guides

Volunteer guides “Tateyama Rindou Society” work hard to promote love for Tateyama town. Our activities include guiding, introducing Tateyama, and trying to spread hospitality to show the appeal of Tateyama town.

Shall we visit tourist attractions with volunteer guides?

Application to >> Tateyama Tourism Association Tel: 076-462-1001
Also, guides speak only Japanese, so please come with an interpreter if you cannot speak Japanese.

Application form(PDF)

“Tateyama Rindou Society”website

The Origin of the Association’s Name

“Tateyama Rindou (gentian) is a kind of alpine plants that was discovered on Tateyama. We named this association ‘Tateyama Rindou’ with our wish that it will be loved as much as the flower.

First day of climbing Tateyama in Summer Guides on Nunobashi area Training on Bijo-daira