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Nunobashi Kanjoe

What is the Nunobashi Kanjoe Purification Ceremony in Etchu Provinces Tateyama?
Next to be held on Sunday,September 20th,2020

"Yuki-no-Otani Snow Wall Walk, the dynamic snow passage

The Yuki-no-Otani snow wall is near to the Murododaira bus terminal. You can enjoy walking between impressive snow walls which reach 20 meters at the highest.

Mikuriga-ike Pond, a beautiful crater lake of Tateyama Volcano

Mikuriga-ike Pond is a symbolic spot at Murodo which reflects Three Mountains of Tateyama in the cobalt blue surface of the pond. You can see a lot of rare animals and plants around there. This area is home to many rare plants and animals.

Shomyo Falls
Shomyo Falls

Shomyo Falls, the tallest waterfall in Japan (350meters), makes a roaring sound with a breathtaking view!

Nunobashi Bridge

Explore the ancient area of Ashikura-ji, a village and culture that has survived in Holy Mt. Tateyama's foothills for over 1,200 years.

Kurobe Dam
Kurobe Dam

Kurobe Dam, the highest arch dam in Japan, is 186 meters high. On the observation deck, you can see a magnificent view.