Annual events

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Annual events




"Yuki-no-Otani"Snow Wall Walk 2018
Snow lovers will surely enjoy walking by the natural and impressive 20-meter-high snow walls.

Dates: April 16th to mid-June every year
Place: “Yuki-no-Otani” Snow Walls in front of Murodo Station


10:00~15:15 (admission until 15:00)

Weekends and holidays

9:30~15:15 (admission until 15:00)

Start and end times may change unexpectedly.

For more details, please contact below.
Planning and Operations: Executive Committee of “Yuki-no-otani” Snow Wall Walk

Tel: +81 (0)76-431-3331



Tateyama Insect Kingdom (Konchu Okoku) Spring Festival

Get close with nature in the insect kingdom, including getting hands-on with creatures and digging up beetle larva!


Date & Time: Sunday, April 22nd 2018, 10 AM to 3 PM
Place: Tateyama Insect Kingdom (昆虫王国立山) Exhibition Dome
Organizer: Tateyama Shizen Fureai Kan

Beetle Exhibition

Come join the beetle exhibition in Tateyama Town! Children are guaranteed a smile!

Dates: Late June to late August
Place: Tateyama Insect Kingdom (昆虫王国立山) Exhibition Dome
Organizer: Tateyama Shizen Fureai Kan




Opening Day for Summer Climbing on Tateyama --The Tateyama and Shomyo Falls Opening Ceremony

This event is to pray for the safety of the climbers and tourists who visit Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route and Shomyo Falls, the tallest waterfall in Japan. Visitors can also enjoy many events like traditional Tateyama Gongen-Drum performance, dance performances by local nursery school children, and more!

Dates: Sunday, July 1st, 2018
Place: Tateyama Station Square
Organizer: Executive Committee for Opening Day for Summer Climbing on Tateyama, “The Tateyama and Shomyo Falls Opening Ceremony” Tel: +81 (0)76-462-1001


Beetle Festival in Konchu Okoku (Insect Kingdom) Tateyama

Take part in the beetle and stag exhibition inside the museum. Other outdoor activities such as catching fish with your bare hands are also available to enjoy!


Date: Saturday, July 28th, 2018 from 10AM to 3 PM
Place: Area surrounding Tateyama Insect Kingdom (昆虫王国立山)

Organizer: Tateyama Shizen Fureai Kan

Tateyama Festival

Welcome to one of Tateyama Town's biggest traditional Japanese festivals. Witness several performances such as a local dance contest, Yosakoi dance performance, 100 selections of performing arts, amateur band performance, and traditional street dancing to shamisen music. The night market thrives with food and drink stalls as well as festival games.


Date: Saturday, July 28th (evening)
Place: The area around Gohyakkoku Station before the Tateyama Funahashi Commerce Hall

Organizer: Tateyama Festival Organizing Committee


Annual Ceremony at Oyama Jinja atop Mt. Tateyama's peaks

A traditional ceremony to pray for summer climbing and success in business.

Date: Wednesday, July 25th, 2018
Place: Oyama Shrine, at the Top of Mount Tateyama (Minehonsha Yuniwa)

Organizer: Oyama Shrine
Tateyama" Dondon" Fireworks Festival

Held at Green Park Yoshimine, entertainment includes stage shows, raffle drawings, gourmet booths, a jumping castle in the shape of Tateyama Town's mascot, Raiji, and more! At the end of the festival, a display of 1,000 magnificent fireworks fills the night sky.


Date: Late August (to be determined)
Place: Tateyama Green Park Yoshimine

Organizer: Youth Leagues of Tateyama Funahashi Commerce and Industry Association, Smile Tateyama





Nunobashi Kanjoe Purification Ceremony

Held once every three years, blindfolded women in white Kimono (Japanese traditional dress) cross a bridge into the Other World of Tateyama, where gods are believed to reside. Long ago, women were forbidden from climbing Mt. Tateyama, sighting them as a threat to jealous female gods. However, climbing the mountain was how pilgrims from all across Japan came to repent for their sins and be granted admittance into Buddhist Paradise upon death. Symbolizing their spiritual death and rebirth, these women are symbolically purified, and the ceremony these days is thought to heal the hearts of women looking for change.


Next: Late September, 2020 (final date to be determined)
Place: Nunobashi Bridge in Ashikura-ji, Tateyama Town

Organizer: Executive Committee of Nunobashi Kanjoe Purification Ceremony



Higashidani Agricultural Fair

This Agricultural Fair has a variety of local fruits and vegetables for sale, such as Koshihikari unpolished rice and the local specialty pear juice named “La France Straight Juice”.


Open: Late November
Place: Tateyama Town Genki Kouryu Station (Gohyakkoku Station)

Organizer: Tateyama Shizen Fureai Kan





Toyama Hot Pot Contest (Toyama Nabe Jiman Taikai)

Toyama’s best 16 dishes are gathered in a contest at Green Park Yoshimine. In addition, visitors can enjoy live performances by local talents, Japanese drum concerts, and sleigh rides for children.


Open: Late January
Place: Green Park Yoshimine

Organizer: Executive Committee of Toyama Nabe Jiman Contest