Tateyama town map

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Tateyama town map

Please click the above photo for more information on restaurants, events, and sightseeing areas in our lovely town. Also, please check the bottom of the page for hiking information around town.

Green Park Yoshimine
Green Park Yoshimine
Green Park Yoshimine is a huge natural park covered with forest and hot spring that you will surely enjoy. It is equipped with cottages, camping places, natural hot springs, restaurants, and meeting rooms. Aside from that, you can enjoy all of the seasons here. In Spring, you can join a mountain herb festival for celebrating harvest of edible wild plants and herbs. In Summer you can enjoy camping. In Autumn you can see Autumn colored leaves and enjoy the Outdoor Festival. In Winter, you can experience wearing Snow Shoes and “Nabe Jiman Festival” which is a competition to select the best Nabe (Japanese one-pot meal for Winter) and enjoy eating them.
Green Park Yoshimine website
Etchu setoyaki (Etchu pottery) is a traditional industrial art, which represents Toyama. They make high-quality ceramics that even Steve Jobs favored it. People come here to see“Etchu setoyaki ”, and experience making it. There are regularly held ceramic arts classes and you can get advice from a ceramicist.
Tounoukan website
Konchu Okoku (Insect Kingdom) Tateyama Tateyama Shizen Fureai Kan
Konchu Okoku (Insect Kingdom)
This is a facility where you could enjoy seeing natural insects such as Japanese rhinoceros beetles and fireflies. You could enjoy the “Insect Friendship class”, a shop which sells local agricultural produce and the “Making handmade buckwheat school”. Shinsui Park is a common spawning place for dragonflies and fireflies. There are a lot of learning opportunities and events held here. Also they are available outdoor barbecue spots.
Konchu Okoku website

This is also a part of the “Oyama-jinja Shrine” and its official name is “Oyama-jinja Shrine Maedate-shadan”. This has been designed as an important cultural property of Japan.

On the top of “Oyama” there is “Tateyama-choujou-minehonsya”. However, it is unavailable in the Winter season, so “Maedate-shadan was built at Iwakuraji in order to pray throughout the year. The shrine is surrounded by very tall trees and you could feel quite spiritual from the atmosphere. “Iwakura-Oyama-jinja Shrine festival” is held on April 8th and November 3rd.
Iwakura-Oyama-jinja Shrine website
Togari Mountain
Togari Mountain
The Togari Mountain, that takes its name from its particular shape, can offer you a wonderful view from its 559 meters. The mountain road leads to the top where you can enjoy the landscape, from the Tateyama Mountain in the East to the Toyama plain in the west.
Joganji Heights Sports Park
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Joganji Heights Sports Park is next to the “Clean Center”. This combined facility is equipped with a heated swimming pool, training gym and tennis court. Also, there is an outdoor square and playground apparatuses that, you could enjoy throughout the day with family and friends.
Toyama wide area Clean Center Observation Deck
oyama wide area Clean Center Observation Deck

From the observatory which rises 80 meters above the ground, you could enjoy the location facing the Tateyama Mountain , the Toyama Bay and pastoral landscape. It is open from 9am to 5pm except the period between late in December and early in January. Furthermore, you could enjoy a beautiful panoramic view from the observatory.

Shiraiwa-gawa dam
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This is the first dam that was built in Toyama in 1974. It is built with rocks from the mountainous area. Around this area, you could enjoy the view that is full of rich nature. Thus, in Spring, it is famous for cherry blossoms and in Autumn, it is famous for the changing of the leaves.
Daikanbo Nature Park
Daikanbo Nature Park

Daikanbo is an area where the mountain’s altitude is 325 meters above sea level. From here, you can see both the mountains and the sea. The vicinity is equipped with lounges, campgrounds, natural trails, and parking areas. In the east you can see the Tateyama Mountain and in the west you can see the Toyama Plain, the Toyama Bay and the Noto Peninsula.

Iwamuro-no-taki Falls
Iwamuro-no-taki Falls
This waterfall is located in the Mushidani-gawa River which is a branch of the Shiraiwa-gawa River. It is one of the Natural Treasures of Toyama. It is also surrounded by a huge forest where the human activities are absent, and where you can surely feel the power of nature.
Tateyama Town Buried Cultural Property Center.
Tateyama Town Buried Cultural Property Center.
Tateyama Town Buried Cultural Property Center is not only for managing relics and remains but also for helping people learn the history and culture of this town. In here, you can see the exhibition of some of the models, pictorial diagram, illustrations and artifacts from an excavation. In addition, you can also experience making Japanese jewels, braids and earthen vessels. These activities charge for admission and you need to book them beforehand.
Jouganji-gawa Park
Jouganji-gawa Park
Jouganji-gawa Park is located in a river bed of Joganji-gawa River. This park is 28ha wide, and equipped with a baseball park at the center, a plaza tennis court, a horse-riding ground and a place for barbecue. In addition, it is also famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms along the embankment road. During the cherry blossom season, it is an ideal place to enjoy cherry blossom viewing in the evening under the light of paper lantern.
Tateyama-marimo Green Algae (belonging to the genus Cladophora)
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This green algae was named as the “Tateyama-marimo green alga” from its location. From examining the DNA, this green algae has been verified as a new species. It is rare but also uniquely beautiful. In April of 1997, it has been designated as a Protected plant.
----------Hiking Information for Tateyama Town------------
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Hiking season for in-town is generally from late May to early November. We have several beautiful hiking paths that are accessible by car and train. When hiking, please make sure to bring a bear bell or radio to ward off nearby animals, and please do not hike alone. If unsure of any path, please look at Google Maps in Satellite mode to better place yourself and the area. Please refer to the Tateyama Town Map for more information.
Tonokura Hike

Trek Course 1 on the Town Map. The Tonokura Hike is accessible only by car. This path features beautiful woodland scenery as well as several viewspots that overlook the mountains.

Tonokura Entry Point:


Mt. Raihai Hike

Trek Course 2 on the Town Map. Mt. Raihai features a woodland path that is roughly 60 minutes each way. It has two entry points and can only be accessed by car.

Access point 1:


Access point 2:


Mt. Otsuji

Trek Course 3 on the Town Map. This popular, lengthy hike offers lovely views at the top. It takes roughly 2 hours each way to complete this hike. Please plan accordingly.

Mt. Otsuji Entry Point:


Tongariyama Hike

Trek Course 4 on the Town Map. Tongariyama features a winding path alongside a calming river. The top of the mountain features breathtaking panoramic views. It takes about 80 minutes each way from the parking lot / Yokoe Station area.

Tongariyama access by train:


Tongariyama parking access: