“Made in Tateyama” brand

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“Made in Tateyama” brand

 The meltwater from “Yuki-no-Otani”, one of most heavy snowfall areas in the world, flows throughout Tateyama town. In order to let more people know about the special products nurtured by the pure water and environment, the “Tateyama-umare” (made in Tateyama) brand was produced in 2011.  

Brand logo “Tateyama-umare”(made in Tateyama)

We annually advertise products which are “unique to Tateyama” and authorize them as Tateyama brand if they pass our screening process. The authorization standards are as follows:
·Ecologically conscious in production process
·Positive efforts to improve the quality of a product
·A healthy product made by raw materials grown in Tateyama town
·Presenting natural environment of Tateyama to consumers                            
The approval committee regularly performs a quality control system check. Every product with the authorized logo is full of pride from the farm producers.

When you find a product with this logo “Tateyama-umare” in your travels, we would like you to take it in your hand to have a good look.
“Tateyama no Chikara Rice” (Koshihikari grown exclusively in Higashidani Tateyama)

On rice terraces in Higashidani, the production area, known for using fresh meltwater and temperature differences, spend a great amount of time to grow Koshihikari rice made in Higashidani. There is “Chikara (power)” of nature and farmers in each grain of rice.
All of the paddies are grown with chilly natural mineral water. The mountain breeze also helps makes the rice more delicious.
 The farmers put their heart into making rice with compost from Japanese cattle and voluntarily set high standards in quality control.

 The product “Chikara rice” was named with the hope of letting you feel power (“Chikara”) from the land (“Chi-kara”) of Tateyama. The more you chew, the sweeter if taste.


Tateyama Premium Peach

A tree ripened peach is very mellow like no other!
 We have started an attempt to harvest tree-ripened peaches, to measure the sugar content of every single fruit, and to label ones with more than 14 degree in sugar content as “Premium”. Please try a taste of Tateyama Premium Peaches.

(Sales period: from July to August [Please contact us.])


“Fukutakecha” Bamboo tea

A healthy tea made from Tateyama bamboo with lactic acid bacteria. Bamboo has been used as Chinese medicine with a variety of efficacy since long ago. With the aid of tea specialists, we produced this easy-to-drink tea with a nice flavor, and is decaffeinated so that expecting or breast-feeding women may drink at ease.

Tateyama Gongen Kanmochi (Rice Cake)/“Kamifusen” (Paper Balloon) and “Ami-kanmochi” (knitted rice cakes)

Nostalgic sweetness brought by extremely cold climate. “Try a taste!” In accordance with the traditional way of production, they make "Mochi" rice cake by pounding with pestle and drying in the cold mountain breeze. They only use natural materials to color them brightly. Making colorful rice cakes and drying them in the cold wind is known as a Winter feature in Tateyama today.

“La France straight juice” made in Shidanio of Tateyama town

Strong 100% juice of the La France pear! Farm producers grow La France pears carefully by preparing field soil and taking care of every single fruit. After cropping the fruits with a rich smell, a rich sweetness, and a smooth texture, we can produce 100% straight juice. The well-concentrated juice referred to as a sippable fruit is good for mixing with soda or alcohol.

Natural Mineral Water of Tateyama

A gift of nature  At “Yuki-no-Otani” snow wall, a symbol of the Alpine Route, we have as much as 20 meters of snow in a single season. The snow and ice remaining in Tateyama for a year provides an abundance of meltwater. Accumulated and purified by the flourishing forest as a natural filter, creates fresh water containing minerals.

“Tateyama Chiffon”

A moist and soft chiffon cake made from rice-flour. Highly recommended by the town mayor, Tateyama Chiffon Cake is made from local eggs and Koshihikari; brand rice with no coloring or preservatives. It is safe to eat for both young and old. With natural and simple sweetness after a fluffy and airy texture, you can taste the unique flavor and glutinous texture of 100% rice flour. Among many regular customers, it is known as “Tateyama Chiffon”.

Tateyama Sanroku Soba

Please taste soba harvested from the plant habitat at northern latitude of 36 degrees, which has one of the best conditions for good soba plants. Tateyama is exposed to the mountain breeze from a high altitude with clear air and a big difference in temperature of day and night. It has the most favorable conditions to grow the best soba. By harvesting buckwheat high in quality and using no heating power, they can process the best soba without losing moisture or flavors. You will taste it smoothly with good flavor and sweetness.

“Okayukko Shirogayu” Rice porridge

Rice porridge to appreciate Tateyama. The rice of the field in this area is grown from using the meltwater from Yuki-no-Otani. In addition, the farmers have kept enriching the soil with organic fertilizer. They boil the Koshihikari rice, grown with conscientious care in Tateyama spring water, with the safety and security of additive-free food.

Tateyama Farm-Made Miso

Traditional miso paste made from carefully grown rice and soy beans. In order to carry on the traditional taste, the experienced and young workers make the miso together. It is characterized by all the homemade ingredients.

Homemade Pickles

Get healthy with vegetables in low salt and more acid. The female farmers in Tateyama contributing to health development, have supported the life of local residents for a long time. They spend a lot of time and care on producing vegetables and providing safe and healthy food to consumers.

Etchu setoyaki (Etchu pottery)

It is a pottery made by natural materials from Tateyama. For instance, Etchu Setoyaki was habitually used by Steve Jobs. Nowadays 5 ceramic artists in 4 studios work to express their own sensibilities and build up a new tradition.
Every product has a different flavor but similar in good textures and high quality. Please look, touch and feel the attraction of traditionally crafted pottery that is widely known across national boundaries.