Other Special Products

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Other special Products

Trout Sushi
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The traditional specialties of Toyama are “Trout Sushi” and “Yellowtail Sushi”. Trout sushi called “Maboroshi” which means rare, is quite popular.
Kombu Jime
Kombu Jime, a bite-size sliced raw fish served with kelp, is one of the local cuisines in Toyama prefecture. By using kelp, it improves in taste and keeping qualities, and also draws people's attention as a healthy dish with high protein and low calorie.
Tateyama Ichiban
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“Tateyama Ichiban (Tateyama No.1)” is mineral water captured at the Tateyama mountain of the Northern Alps range. It is safe, delicious, and healthy water with appropriate amount of mineral.
Tateyama’s Taste
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A set of 3 kinds of mushrooms; Raicho enoki mushroom, nameko mushroom and shimeji mushroom which are grown with meltwater from Northern Alps and fresh air in Tateyama. It is also good for gifting or cooking in a wide variety of dishes..
Yayoi-no-Kuro / Yayoi-no-Beni
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They wrap homemade white bean paste with walnut dough in the skin of yamaimo (Japanese yam). It tastes homely and rich with soft skin and moist paste.
Tateyama Tofu
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“Tateyama Tofu” is a soft, soymilk-based sponge cake with meringue. It tastes smooth like Tofu and is best eaten chilled in summer.
Lovely Raicho (Ptarmigan)-shaped cake of chestnut paste coated with white chocolate, is one of the famous local confections.
Tateyama Hyotan Monaka
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“Tateyama Hyotan Monaka” named after the lucky Tateyama gourd, is a fortunate confection.
Homemade pound cake
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There are pound cakes in 6 flavors; lavender, chamomile, fruits, chocolate mint, cocoa walnut, and uji-kintoki (powdered green tea with sweet red beans). It is very popular as a gift.

Other Handworks

Tateyama Gourd
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A long time ago, boys visited Tateyama when they came of age. They poured sake into the Tateyama gourd at Oyama-jinja Shrine as an offering. Now, they have invented speakers and various instruments, making use of its great timbre
Wooden Handworks (carpentry)
You can see chairs, tables, ornaments and accessory pouches made from “Tateyama-cedar”. From these products, you can feel the warmth and splendor of wood. Also, we exhibit and sell varieties of wooden handworks. If you want to experience making these, you can apply for registration.
Tateyama Snow-shoes
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“Tateyama Snow-shoes” are a kind of shoes meant for walking on muddy roads and snowy roads. They are water proof shoes that are made from wood to keep your feet warm and dry from heavy rain and snow. These are enjoyed as ornaments which are simple and elegant.
Metallic Handworks
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People make quality works of art, monuments, and big statues made from gold, silver, high-grade aluminium.
Stone Handworks
People exhibit and sell their various individual works made from stone which has the blessings of the earth.
Stone Handworks
People deal with stone handworks such as stone monuments, commemorations, tori (Traditional Japanese gate that is mostly found at the entrance of a Shinto Shrine), and garden lanterns.